Honeycombe Dexter Cattle

Honeycombe Dexter Cattle for Sale




Occasionally we have  breeding stock and steers for sale.



Specific animals will be listed here when ready to find new homes, but it is always worth enquiring  as  stock  may  be coming available shortly.






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Farm Assured Dexter Beef


Beef from the herd can be purchased in spring and autumn.


Dexters produce exceptional beef and we are delighted to have supplied some of our loyal customers for nearly two decades.


Steers are slaughtered at a local abattoir where the beef is hung for three weeks before being expertly jointed, packaged and labelled ready for local delivery. Mixed packs typically contain sirloin, rump and braising  steaks; topside, silverside and roasting joints; rib roast, brisket, stewing steak, shin, mince and fillet.


                                                                               Supply is limited but we always welcome new customers.


                                                    Honeycombe Hebridean Sheep


We also sell lambs from the Honeycombe flock  of Hebrideans.


These  spunky  little  sheep  are  the  ovine  equivalent  of  the Dexter. A primitive breed, they  have  changed little since they were  kept  by  the  Vikings,  yet they are  great mothers, very hardy  and wonderful characters.


The flock is predominantly derived from Sycamore and Knox bloodlines.



Honeycombe ewe lambs


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